2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

Benefiting from talent development

Leadership development and talent management get a lot of attention across ITW. For example, the ITW Renovation/Remodeling division in the Construction segment has honed in on these priorities as a key driver of business performance.

After the scaling up of three businesses to become a larger, more focused division, the business knew it needed to continue innovating to solve customers’ pain points and that innovation would require strong talent. The business’ leadership recognized it needed to build a diverse and dynamic leadership team with internal and external talent to guide the expanded division going forward. 

The first external hire was Angie Sheehan, current vice president and general manager of ITW Renovation/Remodeling. Working with the retiring vice president and general manager, Larry Matkovich, who had successfully led the division for several years, Sheehan quickly became familiar with the ITW Business Model and the division’s accomplishments and opportunities. The talent search continued as key management positions needed to be filled in order to successfully operate within this new, larger division.

The business focused on identifying candidates who demonstrated the ability to be “Great ITW Leaders” and also brought diverse perspectives and experiences. Also important was finding individuals who would thrive in ITW’s decentralized, entrepreneurial culture and who would collaborate with current team members to build on the business’ prior success. ITW colleagues focus each day on applying the ITW Business Model and living our values in order to deliver differentiated performance for our customers. 

While the process took time, the result has led to a high-performing team of leaders who have successfully identified and pursued key opportunities for innovation and growth. In addition, the mix of internal and external talent on the management team has raised the bar for the entire division, particularly through a commitment to acting as “Great ITW Leaders” and sharing that approach with the entire team