2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

Offering a better refueling experience

The ITW Fuel Division developed a capless fueling system for the automotive industry that offers benefits to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), end-use customers and the environment.

After 15 years of continuous innovation, the system now includes an intricate design of many molded plastic components that provides a faster, safer and more efficient refueling experience. For example, the capless fueling system:

  • Eliminates the need to install a gas cap, which reduces concern for both OEMs and end users about associated warranty failures.
  • Detects the difference between gasoline and diesel fuel nozzles, thereby eliminating significant costs associated with customers choosing the wrong type of fuel.
  • Provides an ergonomic advantage over other systems, making refueling easier for elderly and arthritic customers.

ITW's capless fueling system offers environmental benefits

The capless fueling system also provides weight reduction benefits when integrated with a Fuel Systems molded fuel door and housing, helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, a patented self-sealing system prevents the release of vapor and emissions. These benefits support overall industry initiatives to ensure vehicles are designed with the environment in mind

Car makers and drivers alike are very pleased with ITW’s innovation. “Our system eliminates many pain points facing Automotive OEMs and end-use customers, from ‘check engine light’ complaints and lost gas caps to putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle,” said Mark Parry, vice president and general manager of ITW Automotive – Fuel Systems. “Our close relationships with our customers and the flexibility within the ITW Business Model enabled us to develop, design and bring this innovation to market.”