2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

Promoting local talent development

The talent market in Germany is fiercely competitive, in part due to the low unemployment rate.

To address that challenge, ITW’s Delfast business, which produces fasteners for the automotive market, uses a bottom-up recruitment strategy to target university graduates. Through their efficient interview process, flexibility and quick turnaround on offers and contracts, the business has been able to make several successful hires.

Additionally, the business currently runs a Junior Project Manager program for new hires who graduated with a technical background. The program involves a rigorous onboarding process that provides a cross-functional overview of the division, experience-based learning on projects and processes, and training on soft skills such as presentation techniques. Currently, the program has five participants, and Delfast is in the process of hiring the next cohort to expand the program.

Delfast recruits university graduates for key roles