2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

Supporting arts education

In line with the ITW Foundation’s focus on education and the arts, ITW has donated $1 million to Ingenuity, a citywide collaboration that aims to ensure the arts are a critical component of every Chicago Public Schools (CPS) student’s education.

The funds specifically support Ingenuity’s Be Creative: The Campaign for Creative Schools, which addresses three core areas: instruction, infrastructure and sustainability. Within these core areas, the campaign aims to provide an expanded arts curriculum and training for teachers and principals as well as wider access to Chicago’s cultural institutions for all CPS schools. In addition, the campaign will secure a long-term, sustainable revenue stream to support these efforts in the years to come.

With active support from 30 civic leaders, including Scott Santi, ITW's chairman & chief executive officer, the campaign has so far raised more than $12 million in its first year, reaching nearly one-third of its goal. The funds raised have been reinvested into district-wide arts initiatives, including partnerships with 50 arts and cultural organizations working in classrooms across CPS. Funding has also been used to hire additional arts liaisons and art teachers. For example, Trevor Nicholas, the newly hired band teacher at a Chicago-area high school, designed a program with fellow faculty along with Obert Davis from the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic that teaches students about the migration of music and culture from New Orleans up the Mississippi River to Chicago. Students also receive master classes and coaching from Chicago Philharmonic musicians.