2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

Supporting local environmental diversity

In the German countryside town of Creglingen, ITW Global Fasteners is engaged in helping to preserve and protect local wildlife. Since fishing is important to the region, one of the business’s recent initiatives was to donate money to the local Fishing Club to help create a local marine wildlife habitat.

The club dug out a small pond close to a creek, which now serves as a habitat for a variety of native amphibians. The club also fortified its installations at the trout farm, which raises fish that are later released into nearby creeks and lakes.

“We are very pleased to support the Fishing Club because even a small contribution can have a big impact,” said Helmut Lutz, environmental health and safety manager. “Helping to protect the species diversity in our community has a big impact on our local environment and quality of life.”

  • ITW Global Fasteners helps to preserve local wildlife

  • A member of the ITW team with his catch

  • An example of the diversity of local wildlife