2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

A healthier workplace

Across ITW, wellness programs help build healthy communities in the workplace. Within our decentralized culture, each business is able to tailor its activities to meet the needs of its team.

At Trident, which manufactures industrial ink jet print heads and inks, the focus is on learning about wellness and opportunities to lead healthier lives.

Throughout the year, the Brookfield, Connecticut-based business offers a number of lunch and learn events on a variety of health and wellness topics. “At one of the best sessions, we brought a chef in from a local hospital to host a healthy cooking demonstration and talk about sourcing local foods,” said Eric Schonenberg, an application engineer who is Trident’s Wellness Champion. “The team here really enjoyed the meal and learning from the chef.”

In addition, Trident team members have developed a vegetable garden using the land outside their building. The team plants a variety of vegetables, including long beans, lemongrass, kale, tomatoes and squash.

Trident team members also work together to promote physical fitness activities at work. For example, the business unit manager mapped out the parking lot and access road to determine the distance, and team members often head out to walk a couple of laps during breaks, even in the cold winter. Colleagues also take turns leading “Stretch & Flex,” which has become a part of the morning routine to get the whole team moving around.

Involvement in the wellness program has been consistently strong. More than 80 percent of Trident team members participated in a recent biometric screening event.

Schonenberg attributes much of Trident’s success to the efforts of his predecessor. “Before I took on this role, the previous Wellness Champion was great at getting colleagues involved, and that’s what inspired me to take over when it was time for her to pass the torch.”

Trident hosts healthy team lunches as part of its wellness program